Dead Or Alive 5 Videi rotonde Confronta Boob Fisica, Arena Distruzione

A couple of new videos have made their way online for Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, which is available right now for home consoles. The launch trailer covers the game’s destructive arena playgrounds, while another video gets a bit more risque, comparing the physics of the boobs between the PS3 and PS4 versioni di Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

The launch trailer is kind of ridiculous. It’s a bombastic, over-the-top collage of some of the most explosive and destructive moments available in the fights. You can check out the video below, courtesy of Machinima.

I have to admit, that has got to be one of the silliest, and most comically violent trailers I’ve ever seen. Hilarious.

Now if you’re looking for something that scientifically breaks down the more physically questionable elements of 5 Dead or Alive, and whether or not the leap from seventh gen to eighth gen helps with the game’s depiction of various weight-based properties is as apparent as you might have hoped, well, there’s a video for that. Rajman di gioco HD ha il compito scrupoloso di confrontare la fisica del boob dal PS3 versione Dead or Alive 5: Last Round esattamente PS4 version of the game. You can check it out below and it’s obviously NSFW.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round è disponibile in questo momento per la Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. If you’re looking for a very destructive fighting game with an absurd amount of detail placed into the very important properties of the character designs, you can pick up the game from local retailers and participating digital e-tailers. Need more info about the game? Feel free to pay a visit to the Sito ufficiale. Puoi cercare il PC versione del gioco da lanciare a marzo 30th, 2015.