ASTROKILL Set di atterrare su PC via Steam maggio 27th

Built to be a space simulation with a side order of action, folks will find just that in Doomsday Games’ ASTROKILL, che è impostato per colpire PC via Steam Early Access on May 27th. A variety of spaceships with different arsenals, capital ships, turrets and nimble spaceships will stand in your way as you fight through “unforgiving” zero-G space battles.

I do indeed like space games and flight sims, and with the two put together in Doomsday Games’ ASTROKILL, sembra una cosa che placherà la sete di coloro che immaginano la simulazione spaziale con un po 'di azione cinofila. Ambientato in prima persona, i giocatori possono scegliere e controllare la navicella spaziale desiderata e andare a combattere le flotte di navi nemiche.

If you are familiar with the simulation genre of spaceships and having to lead your targets with your laser bullets until they explode into glorious fireballs, then this game shouldn’t be anything foreign since it follows that exact concept. With that said, the official description dives in a little deeper on what the game is about.

“Pilot spacecraft ranging from small, nimble fighters to heavily armed gunships. In ASTROKILL, you will engage in combat against enemy fighters, capital ships, turrets, and even space mines. To succeed in this unforgiving zero-G battlefield, you must master your ship and its weapons.”

Se vuoi prendere il ASTROKILL’s ufficiale trailer, which I don’t think is all that great, you can check it out below.

Dovrebbe uscire tra una settimana, se vuoi vedere se vale la pena giocare o supportare, vedi YouTuber Gioco Taylor porta il sim spaziale per un giro nel suo video 13 di un minuto.

Partirà per uscire la prossima settimana su 27th, ASTROKILL will be out on Steam Early Access for PC. If you want to learn more you can visit the game’s official website