La vita di Roma, MMORPG impostato per colpire Steam accesso all'inizio di quest'anno

Se hai mai desiderato rivivere i giorni dell'antica Roma e guidare un gruppo di persone in battaglia, o essere un civile, il MMORPG di Breakout Studio La vita di Roma potrebbe portare proprio quello che stai cercando. Si dice che il gioco permetta ai giocatori di governare altri giocatori, città, cibo e altre entità attraverso la politica e altre azioni. Previsto per colpire PC in 2016, La vita di Roma è programmato per uscire quest'anno per Steam Early Access.

I do have to say that the indie devs did a nice job on the environment and the lighting in certain areas. Although the game doesn’t have a stable release date yet, and just hit Steam’s “Prossimamente” section, Breakout Studio did manage to capture a nice essence of ancient Rome.

Life of Rome game 3

Speaking of the game and its graphics, the devs also released some videos showing real time lighting and weather effects. There are some other videos but the two below show more of the game’s cities and grass lands, and how the physics affect them. Before showing the videos, you can read the game’s description:

“Life of Rome è un MMORPG di terza e prima persona ambientato nel mondo di 320AD Roma. Scegli di essere fedeltà romana o ribelli; progettato per enfatizzare il gioco di ruolo e la comunità usando i sistemi familiari e la politica guidata dai giocatori. "

As noted in the description, the game will focus on players and their series of actions affecting others. Everything is noted to be purely optional, and must be generated by one player and carried out by another (or the same player) to create missions, quests and objectives.

The project on paper sounds cool, I just wonder if the devs have the talent and time to execute everything described above properly so that it won’t arrive glitchy, broken or nowhere near what they intended?

At the moment there’s no actual fighting or real gameplay since the game is in its alpha stage. Instead we get to see other effects in-game showing the Sky System and Dynamic Weather, thanks to Rome of Life‘s official channel.

The game is set to come out sometime this year, and recently received an update letting folks know that its official site is now live. For more information on this game, you can check out