PS4 Neo costerà più del PS4 e non sarà in E3

In un'intervista con il Financial Times, il direttore generale globale di Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, ha rivelato e confermato alcune cose sorprendenti su PlayStation 4 Neo. For one, it won’t be showing up at this year’s E3 event. So temper thy hype. Two, the system will not cost the same as the PS4… it will be more expensive. And three, Sony plans to support the PS4 and PS4 Neo throughout the remainder of the generation.

Secondo IGN, they note that House confirmed that the PS4 Neo will support all of the PS4’s current library, and that moving forward the PS4 Neo will continue to support the PS4’s library. Whether that means it will also support PlayStation Now remains to be seen, but hopefully all the functionality, apps and software are still supported by the system, and it’ll just get a beefier upgrade when it comes to processing power and visual output.

Alcune voci precedentemente affermavano che la consolle sarebbe stata progettata per eseguire i media a 4K e 60fps e che almeno avrebbe potuto eseguire tutti i giochi correnti e nuovi in ​​1080p e 60fps.

According to Andrew House, he stated in the interview with the Financial Times…

"È destinato a stare accanto e integrare il PS4 standard," [...] "Venderemo entrambe [versioni] attraverso il ciclo di vita".


“[It won’t be at E3 because] we want to ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety.”

Tough break about the E3 news, it just means that it’s one less reason to be excited for it.

È possibile aggiungere Nintendo NX e PS4 Neo all'elenco dei killer hype.

Nonostante il buzzkill di non mostrarsi a E3, ancora lascia un sacco di gente a chiedersi e mettere in discussione esattamente quali sono i benefici di questo nuovo sistema e perché vale la pena pagare di più per questo?

According to Sony they won’t be selling it at a loss but at a profit, so the upgrades are still going to be minimal compared to today’s standards of PC gaming. Don’t expect it to rock anything remotely close to a GTX 1080. And despite House confirming that the system will cost more than the standard PS4, no price range or details on pricing was disclosed for the PS4 Neo… other than that it will be more expensive than the standard PS4.