Abbonamento Opzione origine Access aggiunge $ 29.99 annuale al servizio

Electronic Arts ha recentemente annunciato di aver aggiunto tre nuovi giochi al proprio Vault per il servizio Origin Access, tra cui aragami, Il ninja soprannaturale gioco stealth; Furi, Il fantastico gioco hack-and-slash neon-violenta; e Il sabotatore, Un classico titolo noir open-world dal indietro quando EA utilizzato per pubblicare giochi originali.

The notice also informs gamers that Origin Access has been updated with a new annual membership option. Instead of paying on a month-to-month basis, you can now pay an upfront fee of $29.99 for an entire year’s worth of service. To be honest, that’s not a bad price. Also to be honest, it’s still Electronic Arts… so… “hold the wallet”.

However, in order to get gamers to give up their wallet like a valedictorian gives up her virginity on prom night (well, that’s assuming she didn’t give it up beforehand in a bet not to enter prom night a virgin) EA also announced that they’ll be continuing with the seven day free trial for Origin Access. This will give gamers an opportunity to play-test games for free from EA’s Vault, as well as test out free trials of upcoming games, such as Mass Effect: AndromedaO o approfittare del negozio Origin offre con uno sconto 10%.

All these subscription services to lure gamers into giving up their rights to own games in order to embrace the “all digital future” doesn’t set well with me. I know a lot of people have resolved to simply trust that game companies have their best interests in mind, but as proven with half-arsed services like PlayStation Now, it’s pretty obvious that once things start going a little sour, you can lose access to your games locked in the cloud (or a digital) vault like the snap of a finger or a journalist getting trigged after a Video PewDiePie scende nella loro casella di posta.

In ogni caso, i tre giochi sono disponibili in origine accesso Vault in questo momento, e l'abbonamento annuale è anche disponibile in questo momento. Potete saperne di più visitando il ufficiale Sito Web di accesso all'origine.