Aggressori: i test di verifica dell'antica beta beta sono in diretta

Aggressori Antica Roma

Vuoi dare un'occhiata al prossimo gioco di strategia storico 4x di Slitherine, Aggressors: Ancient Rome? Bene, prima del lancio del terzo trimestre del gioco nell'autunno del 2018, ci sarà un beta test e Slitherine vuole che tu ti unisca.

Puoi iscriverti al Aggressors: Ancient Rome beta visitando il pagina ufficiale di iscrizione.

Per quanto riguarda il gioco stesso, Aggressors: Ancient Rome is a typical 4x grand strategy game. This means you’ll be exploring, expanding, exploiting and exterminating all in equal measure… or doing one more than the other depending on your preference for growing your civilization.

Unlike the real life Rome, you’ll be able to take the digital Rome to all new heights and potentially prevent it from collapsing in on itself. You’ll be able to conquer Mare Nostrum, Carthage, and Egypt, changing and molding new destinies for the ancient locations.

È stato lanciato un trailer dell'annuncio per il gioco, che puoi consultare qui sotto.

The turn-based strategy game sees you taking advantage of both land and sea expansion, where you’ll need to see your navy to explore charted and uncharted waters, developing safe trade routes with merchants, expanding your diplomatic relations with likely allies, and prepping your war machines for your eventual enemies.

As you progress through the game you’ll need to research and advance your tech, unlock new ways to enhance your armies, and maintain population control by mandating birthrates, monitoring capital, and ensuring that you have enough resources to keep your nation fed. Essentially, do the complete opposite of what Britain and Sweden are doing.

You’ll also be able to dabble into some of Rome’s more obscure cultural habits, as you give people hope or despair through various social policies. You can promote cults, encourage a more militarized state, introduce new religions, or implement forced labor and the proliferation of slaves. It’s all up to you.

È possibile iscriversi alla beta in questo momento o tenere d'occhio i distributori digitali per il lancio di Aggressore: antica Roma quando lancia questo autunno per PC.