Ace Combat 7 T. Volo Hotas per PS4, PSVR lancia gennaio 17th, 2019

Ace Combat 7

Thrustmaster ha annunciato che il joystick di volo specializzato per Bandai Namco Ace Combat 7 chiamato T. Flight Hotas, verrà lanciato il 17 gennaio 2019 insieme al gioco per il PlayStation 4.

The limited edition joystick will go on sale for pre-order starting December 13th, 2018 next month. You’ll be able to get your hands on the new device for £74.99.

Thrustmaster has been demonstrating the flight stick in action on a globetrotting PR trek leading up to the release of the peripheral and Bandai Namco’s arcade flight sim for home consoles and PC.

Il dispositivo è progettato per funzionare sia con la versione standard PlayStation 4 di Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, insieme alla versione PlayStation VR del gioco.

A new trailer was also released to showcase some of the game’s content as well.

The trailer doesn’t necessarily showcase anything you haven’t already seen before, and it certainly doesn’t make any of the story anymore clear than what the previous trailers have done. However, the trailer does give you some cool scenes and clips of high-quality evasive maneuvers and some aerial ballet to make you “woo” and “ahh” all the way through.

Sarebbe stato bello vedere come il T. Flight Hotas ha funzionato in modo specifico in combinazione con le meccaniche di volo di Ace Combat 7. The Unreal Engine 4-powered sim definitely looks good and it’s probably one of the most realistic looking console games running on Epic’s game engine. However, depending on how the physics are setup will depend on how well it works with the joystick.

Maybe we’ll get to see some footage ahead of the release of the game in January, but that only gives them December to roll out a proper trailer for the joystick and the game.

Puoi preordinare la levetta di volo a partire dal prossimo mese da oltre il Sito web Thrustmaster.