Mike Nelson di RiffTrax lascia il podcast con Doug TenNapel a seguito di reclami di SJW


Mike Nelson di RiffTrax ha annunciato che non si sarebbe più unito a Doug TenNapel ed Ethan Nicolle nel loro podcast perché Doug TenNapel ha fatto commenti contro la brigata della zuppa di alfabeto che a Social Justice Warriors non piacevano, e hanno costretto Nelson a scomunicare TenNapel in risposta.

The announcement of Nelson’s intestinal timidity was made via a tweet on the RiffTrax Twitter account on 17 Giugno 2020.

If you’re unable to view the image or the tweet, the message reads…

“Ciao a tutti, Mike Nelson qui.

“Thanks for your concern and I appreciate the chance to address it. I started a podcast a few years back with Doug TenNapel and Ethan Nicolle which because of time constraints I’ve pulled away from and become more of an infrequent guest. On certain recent episodes, of which I did not take part, Doug made some statements that many found hurtful. I hope it’s clear that those statements are Doug’s and not mine. But listening to your concerns and taking them seriously I have decided to end my involvement with the podcast. I sincerely apologize to anyone hurt by my participation in this podcast, and want it to be clear that I denounce bias against anyone based on race, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Grazie per avermi ascoltato,
Mike Nelson "

Nelson’s tweet was met with plenty of praise and support from blue checkmarks and the typical cavalcade of mentally ill people who live, breathe, and subsist on social media.

As is usual with these witch hunts, there were various sane-minded individuals who warned Nelson that his apology wouldn’t be enough and that the League of the Perpetually Offended would eventually push the goal post and find something new for Nelson to apologize for.

E come un orologio, solo alcuni commenti laggiù c'erano già Social Justice Warriors che chiedevano a Nelson di dimostrare il suo valore con l'ennesimo test di purezza.

Il problema principale, tuttavia, è che a Nelson mancava l'umore e la fortezza intestinale per uscire effettivamente e dare un nome all'istanza o alle frasi che avrebbe ritenuto disgustoso da TenNapel.

Lo Earthworm Jim creator has never shied away from making his views transparent about the Cornhole Commissars, so I’m not sure exactly what part of the recent episodes led Nelson to parting ways for good.

L'episodio più recente del 14 giugno 2020 ha riguardato le rivolte e il razzismo da un punto di vista di buon senso. Puoi ascoltarlo qui sotto.

The episode before that was a Q&A with listeners, and as usual TenNapel and Nicolle address various topic matter from abortions to tone policing. It was likely the fact that TenNapel used language that some people didn’t like, including the word “fag”, which is probably what got the Federal Fudge-Hole Force up in arms.

Puoi ascoltare quell'episodio qui sotto, dal 6 giugno 2020.

This isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that Social Justice Warriors ha preso di mira Doug TenNapel. The fact that he’s a Christian and refuses to bend the knee to the Stink-Factory Stasi is likely reason enough for them to keep targeting him and trying to deplatform him in anyway that they can.

Propone a TenNapel per essersi difeso e non essere un codardo come il suo ex conduttore.

(Grazie per il suggerimento Kamil Drews)