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Are Gamers Introverts?

To determine if gamers are introverts, the best place to start is by explaining our interpretation of an introvert. An introvert is a person who exhibits traits of the introverted personality type, which implies they prefer to focus on their inner thoughts and ideas rather than what is going on around them. They like spending time with one or two people rather than in large groups or crowds. When you hear the term introvert, you may envision someone shy or quiet who wants to be alone. While this may be true for some introverts, this personality type is far more complex. How you process the world around you determines whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.


Introverts are most likely the result of a combination of nature and nurture. How your body’s physiology responds to the outer environment determines your extroversion and introversion. And contrary to popular belief, some industries have both. For example, poker players are both introverts and extroverts. The same goes for bookworms, film buffs and many more.


On a physiological level, the reticular activating system (RAS), a network of neurons found in the brainstem, controls arousal levels, including wakefulness and transitions between sleeping and waking. The RAS also manages how much information you take in when awake. When faced with possible environmental risks, the RAS raises arousal levels, enabling you to be awake and ready to cope with danger. Some people have greater set points, while others have considerably lower ones.


This is all reasonably generalized so far, and using this information to conclude whether gamers are introverts is difficult. Therefore, looking at the four types of introversi might be easier to see if they describe a typical gamer.


Social Introvert – Social introverts place more importance on isolation than most individuals. They prefer to be alone but are not opposed to occasionally socializing with close friends and relatives.


Thinking Introvert – Introverted thinkers seek consistency and logic in their cognition to establish an internal framework for how things work and then find out how to improve, change or perfect ideas.


Anxious Introvert – An anxious introvert is hugely concerned about the result of social events, frequently leading to them not participating.


Restrained Introvert – This characterizes someone who pulls back and takes a little time to “warm up” to people before putting themselves out there entirely. These folks are not terrified of social encounters; quite the opposite. Most of them enjoy meeting new people but are picky about who they open up to.


Are gamers introverts?

So, do any of the above statements describe a typical gamer? The distinctive temperament of gamers is quickly becoming a point of contention. While some people are adamant that all gamers are introverts, others disagree. A vocal minority usually propagate the most unfavorable stereotypes about gamers being introverts. Those in the outspoken minority express their views on a subject unequivocally. Sometimes their ideas are subjective, based on their opinion rather than facts.


So, let’s look at some facts. The findings of the “Are You Game?” research study challenge long-held perceptions of gamers as isolated introverts, demonstrating that gamers are more outgoing, energetic and valuable as consumers than people who do not play video games. Videogamers, who account for 71% of American households, are more likely than non-gamers to participate in sports, attend concerts or go on dates. According to the study, video game users are a diverse group. 55% of gamers polled are married, and 48% have children. According to the findings, the gaming industry has outgrown many generally held misconceptions regarding the relative homogeneity of video gamers.


Stereotypes exist for a purpose; you could reason. On some level, that is correct. Stereotypes do not emerge in a vacuum and claiming that stereotypes cannot exist would be dishonest. On the other hand, stereotypes are contextual – they may be accurate in a specific historical period or environment but never universally. One stereotype incorporates many diverse groups: gamers, programmers, etc. The unifying thread is that these people prefer spending time in front of una tastiera. Some describe them as introverted. Others refer to them as socially uncomfortable. But does a preference for computers mean one is either introverted or socially awkward? It’s easy to identify gamers who lack social skills, but how many “average” gamers pass us by without our knowledge?



We will wrap this up now by definitively answering the question you came here for. Are gamers introverts? Yes, they are. Just like some gamers are geniuses and some aren’t. Much the same as some gamers like cheese in their sandwiches, while others prefer ham. You get where we’re going with this. The stereotype of a ‘typical’ gamer is a myth, as there is no longer a typical gamer.


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