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1423760controllo dei cookieDoorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh viene lanciato su Steam con grandi elogi

Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh viene lanciato su Steam con grandi elogi

doorways review 2Porte: Sacre Montagne di Carne is the fourth chapter in the horror survival Porte game series, developed by Saibot Studios.

Nel Porte series you play as Thomas Foster, a special agent that happens to be a telepath; a person with the ability to psychically connect with other people — specifically, the dead that lurk in the rooms around him, allowing him to relive key moments in their lives and witness and feel their last moments on earth before they died.

And now, Thomas Foster is on a special case to hunt down and stop four deadly psychopaths. Developers Saibot Games released a series of Live Action videos on their Canale YouTube to go along with the story, so I linked the video below so you can see the first part for yourself.

Porte: Sacre Montagne di Carne officially left Early Access and released on Steam on August 10th, 2016, to complete and wrap up the story in the Porte saga.  I haven’t personally played any of the games, so I can’t lend my opinion about the games. However, the first original Doorways game in the series launched back in 2013 with mixed reviews, as it had a few problems that players didn’t take kindly to, ranging from poor Linux support, to glitches, to certain areas of the game being so dark that the puzzles were too difficult to solve.

Other players had problems with the developers and how they chose to handle the payment business model. Apparently, the developers had previously said that if you purchased the first game, players who already owned chapters 1 and 2 would get 3 and 4 for free when they were released, but that isn’t the case now.

Steam user Lightning explains his disappointment for the first chapter in the screenshot below.

doorways review

The newest chapter in the series seems to have fixed all of those problems and won both newcomers and long time fans of the series over, and the game is currently standing at a Very Positive Steam review score with more than 260 reviews saying that the game is a good buy, with only about 35 negative reviews. To quote part of Steam User Jonex’s post, he says in his review:

[…] Holy Mountains of Flesh is what I like to refer to as a game with “perfect pacing”. Unlike many horror themed games out there, the Doorways series always manages to strike a great balance between tension and relief. You’re not constantly being chased, but at the same time you’re not constantly being left alone. It continuously surprised me. You think you’ve entered a puzzle part of the game, but that puzzle turns out to be a chase sequence etc.

You can read his full review by following the provided link above. Other Steam users compared the newest chapter in the Porte series as an “Argentinian Amnesia”, saying that the gameplay and atmosphere was a lot like the 2010 horror survival game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Porte: Sacre Montagne di Carne also released a teaser launch trailer to go along with the launch of the game, so check out the video that I linked down below.

If you are a fan of the series and you played the first few chapters but weren’t impressed, or perhaps you are a newcomer of the series and you are now interested in the game and you would like to learn more, you can visit the pagina del negozio Steam per maggiori informazioni su Porte: Sacre Montagne di Carne.

Additionally, make sure to also check out the ufficiale Porte: Sacre Montagne di Carne sito web for more payment and buying options, as well as to learn more about the story and development team.

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