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1425140controllo dei cookieMarrow, il gioco horror platform 2D arriva al via libera

Marrow, il gioco horror platform 2D arriva al via libera

Developers Fever Dream Gameworks has recently posted their new game titled Midollo onto Steam Greenlight, and so far it looks like an interesting 2D platform horror game.

The retro 2D art reminds me of classic titles from the Sega Genesis era of gaming, especially the use of dark menacing colors. However, the monsters have a lot more detail than Sega Genesis games, and some of the creatures have some pretty creepy and sinister looking designs.

Marrow´s story is about a gifted young boy that has the ability to cast magic and use melee weapons, goes on a dangerous journey to save the captured orphan children that have been kidnapped by monsters and taken inside the nearby demonic mountain filled with evil.

Your job is to rescue those children and use the new abilities you acquire to slay the evil around you. Because one of the main objectives is saving the orphan children and returning them home, you will have to listen for the singing children and use the sound of their melody to move closer to rescue them. Midollo will also allow you to increase your abilities by searching and exploring the dark corridors to obtain more Grit and Clarity, which is used to increase your vitality and magic capabilities.

Midollo has a lot of cool elements that makes it unique and stand out from other 2D platformers, such as the option to skip crucial items and ignore them, not rescuing the kidnapped children and leaving them behind, as well as the ability to cast a spell to warp back to your last save to regain your health, but risking a dire consequence for doing so.

Additionally, the maps are handcrafted in a persistent world, so if you kill an enemy that enemy stays dead, however, it sounds like the save point system allows previous enemies to resurrect in some way, so saving and traveling backwards could be dangerous. This means you have the option to not save and keep the freedom to go back, or always save and push forward with the life, items and abilities you currently have. Did you save all the children in the last tunnel? I’m sure they’ll be okay…

Last but not least, beating the game will unlock two additional game modes called the Echo modalità e Sopravvivenza mode. The developers released a gameplay trailer video so I linked it down below so you can see the game for yourself.

Midollo è attualmente in Greenlight vapore looking to receive votes and is scheduled to release this upcoming Fall. If you are interested in learning more, you can also visit their Pagina IndieDB per ulteriori dettagli.

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