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1423040controllo dei cookieQuantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition, uscita su Steam prevista per il 14 settembre

Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition, uscita su Steam prevista per il 14 settembre

Pausa Quantum was one of those games that happened to be hyped to the moon but isn’t terribly memorable for any of its gameplay accomplishments. Well, Microsoft wants to put the title back into the consciousness of the gaming community by re-releasing the game on Steam as well as releasing a Quantum Break: edizione da collezione senza tempo al dettaglio.

The news comes courtesy from an announcement over on the Filo di notizie Xbox, where Microsoft explained that the game will be available for $39.99 in the special edition come September 14th.

Microsoft will be working with Nordic Games for the retail version of the special edition, and Reinhard Pollice, the business and product development director for Nordic Games, commented about the news, stating in the press release…

“After having worked with Remedy on the PC version of Alan Wake in 2012, and with Microsoft Studios on Ori and The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (2016), and State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (2016), we are proud to announce a new triangle-collaboration with two of our trusted partners”

They list what you get in the special Timeless Collector’s Edition qua sotto.

  • confezione Premium
  • 5 Dischi del gioco (una tantum chiave vapore il riscatto richiesto)
  • Fare di Blu-Ray
  • Making of Libro
  • 1 CD della colonna sonora (Audio-CD)
  • 2 Poster
  • Guida Rapida

It’s always funny to me when you buy physical media but still need to register it online. There’s that cringing feeling when you realize that a ton of games will be completely lost to time if Steam ever goes down for good or the internet in your area is no longer accessible for some reason.

Comunque, Pausa Quantum did not receive the best of user reviews when it first released because it was fairly broken. If Microsoft managed to fix the game up right proper for its Steam release then they might see some better sales. But when Digital Foundry found out that the game was forcing the frame-rate lower than what the GPU could handle, and that it had a lot of resolution issues and stuttering, it was an instant no-buy from me. That’s not to mention that the gameplay mechanics are so bare bones that it’s impossible to justify a purchase when so much of the gunplay is rinse and repeat with hardly anything noteworthy about it.

Anyway, if you have a rig that can handle Pausa Quantum, you can pick up a copy for Steam (or from retailers) for $39.99 starting September 14th.

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