Revenge Movie Trailer è un sogno bagnato di Feminazi diventato realtà

Vendetta 2018

So you have a movie and you want to put the average man-hating feminist in the seat of a theater. What do you need? Well, you’ll need a movie about a freedom-loving young woman who represents the young, American ideal; sexually liberal, no care in the world, living the good life. Additionally, you’ll need to represent rape culture – and that no matter how good life is for a woman in America, she’s always going to be at risk of sexual assault. Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll need a straight, white, cishet male as the main villain – a misogynistic psychopath that represents Western civilization’s zenith of patriarchal privilege. Once you have all of those ingredients, you stir it all together and ta-da! You have Vendetta. Continua a leggere “Revenge Movie Trailer Is A Feminazi’s Wet Dream Come True”