Xbox One Compatibilità con il passato ora supporta multi-disco Games

Una delle notizie più deludenti del Xbox La compatibilità con le versioni precedenti di uno era che era limitata ai soli giochi su disco singolo (questo era in combinazione con il fatto che gli editori dovevano approvare e dare a Microsoft l'ok per consentire ai giochi di essere resi compatibili all'indietro su Xbox One). Bene, quel deludente ostacolo che coinvolge i giochi compatibili con le versioni precedenti limitati a un singolo disco è ora un ripensamento.

Secondo GamerHeadquarters, they received word from a Microsoft spokesperson who confirmed to them that multi-disc backwards compatibility is now a thing for the Xbox One, saying…

“Yes, ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut’ was the first multi-disc Backward Compatible title added to the program. We know fans were asking for this feature and our engineers worked hard developing a solution to enable it so we could further expand the titles included in Xbox One Backward Compatibility. We’re continuing to listen to our fans on Xbox Feedback and work with our publishing partners to grow out library of Xbox One Backward Compatibility titles and will work to include more multi-disc games.”

This wasn’t just some cold wind blowing into the ear of GamerHeadquarters after receiving a wet willy, this was legitimate news that was later verified and confirmed by the number one cheerleader for the Xbox brand, Major Nelson.

Larry “Major Flip Switcher Nelson” Hryb took to Reddit to verify the information, succinctly writing…

A flurry of excitement washed over recently soiled panties, as Xbox fanboys clamored to type out what sort of dream combination of multi-disc games and Games With Gold titles could be appearing soon as part of the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility features.

Most gamers are hoping to complete the Mass Effect trilogy with the second and third entries, as well as Mistwalker Studios’ classics Lost Odyssey e Drago blu, both of which helped define those crucial early years in the Xbox 360’s lifespan.

Microsoft has yet to announce what multi-disc games will be made available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility… yet. However, expect the coming months’ Games With Gold offers to get fairly enticing and very exciting now that the Xbox One can tap into the much broader multi-disc pool of the Xbox 360’s library.