Il DLC Blood and Wine di The Witcher 3 ottiene un nuovo video di gameplay per gli sviluppatori

Arrivando in poche settimane, CD Projekt Red ha avuto il tempo per parlare del prossimo DLC per il Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s DLC Blood and Wine in a new gameplay dev dairy, to prep players on what’s to come in Geralt’s new adventure.

I fan Witcher guadagneranno un po 'più di informazioni relative a Toussaint, che è dove Geralt sarà la rubrica nel prossimo DLC - Blood and Wine. Ovviamente, la calma cercando posto sembra discreto ma tiene segreti mortali che chiameranno per qualche forza bruta in determinate occasioni e ricerca in altri.

The video isn’t all about the battles and fighting, but a cumulative of features that contribute to the core of Blood and Wine. Gli sviluppatori anche notato che quasi fa la Witcher sembrare un nuovo gioco, che include nuove carte Skellige Gwent, coloranti armature, nuovi paesaggi, tra molte altre cose nuove.

As it stands now, the new DLC seems pretty interesting and like a good turn to end Geralt’s adventure. If you want to see the five-minute long video, you can check it out below.

Those interested in the expansion, it will cost $19.99. This was noted before by the devs that arrived around the time with the weekly free updates. Then there is the Hearts of Stone DLC that tags along with the Expansion Pass that’s $24.99.

Once in players possession, the expansion will offer over 90 new quest, and thirty hours of gameplay. There will also be a “dynamic POI” system, along with endgame mutation mechanics. Lastly, there will be loads of places to explore, as well as a place where Geralt can call home.

Those waiting for the latest update will be able to get their hands on the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s DLC Blood and Wine this year on May 31st, for PC, PS4 e Xbox Uno.